Faith Development

St Martin de Porres School is a part of a caring faith community, which brings children to an experience of God in their world and in the heritage of our contemporary Catholic tradition.  We strive to teach and give witness to Jesus of the Gospels and his values through the following programs.

Religious Education program

The Religious Education curriculum follows the Crossways Framework endorsed by Catholic Education South Australia (CESA).

Crossways supports the integration of faith, life and culture by providing a curriculum framework for the development of teaching and learning within the Key Learning Area of Religious Education.

Mass, liturgies and sacraments


Weekly Parish Masses

Weekday Mass is celebrated each Wednesday morning at 9.15am in the parish church. Each year level celebrates Mass four times a year and they are rostered to participate in the readings, prayers and singing.

All are welcome to join the children in celebrating the Mass together.

Whole School/Parish Masses

Whole School Masses are a gathering of the school and parish community in prayer. We host six whole school celebrations per year:

  • Beginning the Year
  • Ash Wednesday
  • St Dominic
  • The Feast of the Assumption of Mary
  • The Feast of St Martin de Porres
  • End of Year and Graduation

Whole School Liturgies

Liturgies are held during Passion Week leading up to Easter and Advent leading up to Christmas. Each class is responsible for hosting the liturgy for the school community.

Sacramental Program 

The Sacramental Program aims to support parents in the preparation of their children to celebrate sacraments in their lives. The program is offered as a Parish/School initiative. 

Parent Information sessions and Parent/Student workshops are held out of school hours prior to celebrating sacraments.

Youth Ministry Website

The southern cluster youth ministry program is an initiative of the Catholic Parishes and Schools in the South Western Suburbs of Adelaide. The purpose of the program is to minister to young people within our parishes and schools and find relevant and accessible ways for them to engage with their faith and the life of the Church.

There are a number of opportunities for children, teenagers and young adults to participate in this program. Click on the link to see how your children may be involved.

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