The canteen aims to provide nutritious food at reasonable prices.

Under the direction of a Canteen Coordinator and with the support of parent/caregiver volunteers, we aim to meet the needs of the students at recess and lunch in a healthy way, following the guidelines of the Government's Right Bite program.

The canteen currently provides a service for recess and lunch. The canteen opening days are THURSDAY & FRIDAY.

 During Terms 1 and 4, the canteen is open on Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday's (lunch time only) for ice block and drinks if volunteers are available.

A Canteen Price List is provided for each family at the beginning of the year. Order bags can be purchases through the canteen, otherwise families may provide their own. Students place their orders in the class communication boxes in the morning.

 Canteen Winter Menu Term 2 & 3 2017.pdf

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