School Fees

In order for the school to provide a rich, engaging and relevant curriculum, parents are required to pay for the general operating costs of the school (eg. phone, power, maintenance etc) through the School Board approved fees.  The Catholic Education Office provides schools with recommendations for fees, taking into consideration expected cost increases. It is recommended that fees increase by a minimum of 5%.
Financial Hardship
No child is excluded because of an inability, on the part of a family, to pay school fees.  In the case of difficulties, the School Board via the Principal meets with parents/caregivers to negotiate an equitable arrangement.  If families experience a difficulty in meeting their financial commitment to the school, they need to make an appointment with the Principal in order for appropriate confidential arrangements to be made.

School fees are billed at the beginning of the year.These can be paid in four equal installments (week 6 of each term) or via direct debit / credit at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals. These forms are avaliable from the 'current notices' section on our website.

The costs of yearly School Fees are detailed below:

 Fee Schedule_2017.pdf

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