Extra Curriculum

"I like to play piano and do voice because when you play you can sing the song at the same time" – Molly, 8 years old
"I like piano because you can um… use both hands and do exciting things" – Maya, 8 years old
"I play the drums coz I get to play music" – Anthony, 6 years old
"I play the drums um because… it’s a noisy thing and I like noisy things" – Joel, 7 years old
"I like playing around and making good music" – Harrison, 10 years old
"I like to play flute because she always gives you another go if you get it a bit wrong" – Scarlett, 6 years old
"I like playing the guitar because it makes me feel good" – Fabian, 6 years old
"I liked to play guitar because you can express yourself" – Cara, 9 years old
"I play guitar because my Dad plays it and I get to learn new notes and sing songs" – Koby, 5 years old
"I like drums because you can do this with the sticks, 'Boom, Boom'” - Celina, 5 years old
"I play piano because I’ve got one at home and I think it’s exciting" – Neisha, 5 years old

Music Tuition Program and Instrument Lessons

At St Martin de Porres School, we offer private music lessons to students in our new music tuition rooms. We offer families this Program through two external companies - Learning Through Music and Pathways Music We currently have a large number of students (approximately 100) from Reception to Year 5 learning an instrument.

A variety of music tutors visit the school to tutor the children in their chosen instrument. Instruments taught include:

  • Piano (keyboard)
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Woodwind
  • Voice (singing)

 For more information please email gbates@smdps.catholic.edu.au

"I love sharing the joy of music and the expressive arts with children and feel privileged to be able to help enrich their lives by engaging them in singing, listening, moving, playing, acting and creative activities. I love to see students smiling and enjoying themselves in my lessons and I love the way the arts can be celebrated as a whole school, building and maintaining a real sense of community." ~ Toni Smedley (Performing Arts Teacher)