Our Staff

"I hope to be a positive influence and role model in my students lives and to engage, motivate and inspire my students to learn."

~ Sarah Burns

We have a committed team of staff, dedicated to the development of your child and our wider community.

Principal Craig Fosdike
Deputy Principal Ben Catalano
PA to Leadership Lisa Mosca
Front Reception Administration Gabby Bates
Front Reception Administration Kirsty Catalano
Finance Manager Gary Rice
Maintenance Jason Boundy
Work Health Safety Coordinator Karyn Kew
OSHC Director Pam Adams
Teacher - Reception Chiara Turci
Teacher - Reception Jes Fuller
Teacher - Reception Bethany Kinnear
Teacher  - Reception Kim Williams
Teacher - Year 1 Amanda Murray
Teacher - Year 1 Rosetta Hamood
Teacher - Year 1 Sarah Burns
Teacher - Year 2  Erin Coppins
Teacher - Year 2 Joshua Rouse
Teacher - Year 3 Anne Smith
Teacher - Year 3 Benjamin Ryan
Teacher - Year 3 Natasha Bullimore
Teacher - Year 4 Jess Ainslie
Teacher - Year 4 Judy Mackereth
Teacher - Year 4 Rocky Labbozzetta
Teacher - Year 5 Christine Houareau
Teacher - Year 5 Samuel Baxter
Teacher - Year 6 Alexandra Tilley
Teacher - Year 6 Dennis McEvoy
Italian Rosa Valente
Literacy Rosie Beal
Music Toni Smedley
Physical Education Luke Buchanan
Classroom ESO Heather North-Plenty
Classroom ESO & Library Ingrid Garton
Classroom ESO Jack Mittiga
Classroom ESO & Uniform Shop Leanne Gallagher
Classroom ESO Natalie Harding
Canteen Coordinator Kylie Reidy