Our Staff

"I hope to be a positive influence and role model in my students lives and to engage, motivate and inspire my students to learn."

~ Sarah Burns

We have a committed team of staff, dedicated to the development of your child and our wider community.

Anne Smith Year 3/4 Teacher
Ben Catalano Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission (APRIM)
Bethany Kinnear Reception Teacher
Chiara Turci Reception Teacher
Christine Houareau Year 3 Teacher
Craig Fosdike Principal
Dennis McEvoy Year 5 Teacher
Dylan Barnes Youth Minister
Erin Coppins Year 2 Teacher
Gabby Bates Front Reception (Admin ESO)
Gary Rice Finance / Business Manager
Heather North-Plenty Classroom ESO
Helen Clark Year 4/5 Teacher
Ingrid Garton Librarian / Classroom ESO
Jack Mittiga Classroom ESO
Jason Boundy Groundsman
Jes Fuller Reception Teacher
Jess Ainslie Year 4 Teacher
Josh Rouse Year 2 Teacher
Judy Mackereth Year 4 Teacher
Karyn Kew Work Health Safety (WHS) Coordinator
Kirsty Catalano Front Reception (Admin ESO) / Playgroup Coordinator
Kylie Reidy Canteen Coordinator
Leanne Gallagher Uniform Shop Coordinator / Classroom ESO
Lisa Mosca PA to Leadership / Enrolments
Luke Buchanan PE Teacher
Natalie Harding Classroom ESO
Pam Adams Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Director
Rachel O'Brien Reception Teacher
Rosa Valente Italian Teacher
Rosetta Hamood Year 1 Teacher
Rosie Beal Reception Teacher / Literacy Coordinator
Sarah Burns Year 1 Teacher
Toni Smedley Performing Arts Teacher