Pathways to St Martin de Porres

As part of a network of schools in the South-West area, there are a number of pathways both to and from St Martin de Porres School.

Children come to our School from many kindergartens in the local area, including Hallett Cove, Trott Park, Woodend, O'Halloran Hill, Happy Valley and Reynella.

Kindergartens in our area

Other Kindergartens within the area are Happy Valley Kindergarten (Happy Valley) and Mary Bywaters Kindergarten (Reynella).

"Children have an energy, innocence, humour and creative flair that unfortunately we can sometime lose as adults. I love how my students tell me jokes and riddles, and let their teacher know when his jokes are 'soooo lame!'.

~ Dennis McEvoy, teacher

Pathways from St Martin de Porres

On the completion of Year 6 at St Martin de Porres School, families are well-placed to offer your child a Pathway to the following Secondary Schools:

Sacred Heart College Senior School
Cabra College
Cardijn College