Our Canteen aims to provide nutritious food at reasonable prices.

The Canteen is run by a Canteen Coordinator, supported by parent/caregiver volunteers, following the guidelines of the Government's Right Bite program

The Canteen currently provides a service for recess and lunch on Thursdays and Fridays. During Terms 1 and 4, the Canteen is open on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays at lunch time for ice block and drinks if volunteers are available.

A Canteen Price List is uploaded to the Skoolbag App at the beginning of each term. The School's preferred method of payment and ordering your child's Recess and/or Lunch is via the Qkr! App. Alternatively, families may provide their own lunch order bag and place a physical order into the Canteen (with money enclosed) via the classroom's lunch order box. 

The current Canteen Menu can be found on the Skoolbag App.