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News Updates from Craig Fosdike


Building Works Update
Some great news!
 The tender for the building of the Reception Classrooms and the Pit enclosure have come in favourably for the school and so our loan, whilst large, is much less that the market anticipated. The building timetable will start from the first week of July (Week 10). This timetable will be outlined to the community in the next few weeks.

School Traffic
The traffic flow is now working as best as it can. We should feel good about the way our community have adapted to solve this issue. I have been pleased with how drivers are pulling to the kerb and waiting their turn to drive up Berrima Road. Thank you to all our parkers and walkers. It still is a viable option to come at 3:35pm and drive straight in. No child will be left alone.
A reminder to families that if you park in any spaces that are not for parking the Council has advised they can be on site at any given time and will issue fines.

A note to parents to advise that with the flow of traffic after school being managed and controlled by staff, Kiss & Go will revert back to it's original times and close 20 minutes after the school bell. If your child is not collected by 3.40pm (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri) / 3.20pm (Tues) they will be signed in by a staff member to OSHC. If your child has been taken to OSHC it is the parent/guardian's responsibilty to park and personally collect them from OSHC as they are required to be signed out.

Parent Community Executive
The Parent Community Executive will meet soon to start planning for a community celebration. in the second half of the year. Obviously we cannot do anything until there is an agreed decision from the Government regarding the restrictions of gatherings, but we are excited about the possibility of getting back together as a community.

Semester One Reports
Student's Semester One Reports are currently being written by the teachers to summarise the children’s progress so far. Reports will be sent to families electronically as mentioned in previous community corrrespondence in Week 10 of Term 2.

The booking for Parent Teacher Meetings in Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 3, to discuss your child’s progress will be sent to families soon via Skoolbag. The booking system will open in the next couple of weeks to allow parents sufficient time to confirm their booking.

School Sport Competition
The School Sport Competitions are slowly preparing to begin from Term 3. Our after school T-Ball, Football, Netball and Basketball practises have all proven to be much appreciated by the students. My thanks goes to the teachers who have all volunteered to take them and to those parents who are helping. Any parents that want to come into the school and watch training are most welcome.

God Bless,
Craig Fosdike