Catholic Education South Australia

Student Leadership

Children are co-constructors of knowledge, life and living.

We build leaders in our school community, and provide opportunities for your child to develop as an individual, as well as a scholar.

Our school is a place where students are taught and supported to manage their own behaviour. This is carried out in the light of Gospel values and we focus on building positive relationships based on respect, responsibility and restorative practice through reconciliation.

2021 Student Leadership

Student Leadership for 2021

School Captains Joel Wigzell & Leila Paterson
Sport Captains - Francis House Sunny Dias-Cocks & Ruby Bourne
Sport Captains - Martin House Riley Middleton & Arie Howard-Jones
Sport Captains - Dominic House Jett Potter & Isabella Bridgman
Sport Captains - Mackillop House Jessie Manhanzva & Phoebe Visser