Learning at Our School

A hundred different ways of thinking, discovering and learning.

We value each of them.

At St Martin de Porres School, our programs and teaching practice are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, which inspires our belief that children use different ways to understand and express their thoughts and creativity.

"I believe the key element to learning in the language classroom is to keep students motivated. My personal style of teaching brings enthusiasm, cultural elements and technology into the classroom to increase learning and motivation. I like to see the same passion and smiles on my students faces."

The learning environment

We believe children learn through interacting with elements in the environment.

The classroom, school grounds and outside-of-school locations are a powerful educational tools. We provide rich and engaging learning spaces, enriched with real world tasks and natural materials to inspire the minds of our children.

We allow for children to explore in-depth thinking and to ask questions in order to see how their learning connects to the real world. Different activities are designed for each age group and we recognise and value the way children collaborate to their what they're learning.

Children, teachers and parents

We believe in a powerful learning community where teachers lead learning alongside children.

They review children's work and continually refine their understanding of how children learn. Parents contribute through forums on a variety of topics so that important partnership between school and home encourages and maintains learning.

Listening to children

We value listening as a powerful tool which respects each child.

Teachers encourage children to express what they already know about the world and help them attain new knowledge and learning, while listening carefully to how they relate to their world.