Our Story

St Martin de Porres is a Catholic School within the South West Region serving the growing areas of Sheidow Park, Trott Park and Hallett Cove. The school opened in 1986 and today we educate students from Reception to Year 6.

We are a strong community, with students at the centre of all we do. Our school continues to build upon the spirit of Saint Martin de Porres. It is important that we keep the spirit alive in our midst, helping us discern Christian values that we hold as important, which are based on the Charism of St Dominic.

St Martin was born in Lima, Peru, in 1579 and spent his life devoted to Jesus and the service of others. Much of his existence was spent in a Dominican Monastery and was greatly influenced by the Dominican tradition. The founder of the Dominican order was Dominic de Guzman and his passion was to educate others by preaching the Gospel wherever he felt its good news needed to be heard.

Today at St Martin de Porres School we follow Dominic’s wisdom and the service to others as witnessed by St Martin de Porres life.