Student Wellbeing

Positive Education

“In the pursuit of flourishing”

At St Martin de Porres we use the model of Positive Education to guide our practices in supporting your child’s wellbeing.

Positive Education teaches children the strategies and dispositions they need to FLOURISH in today’s world. We believe flourishing is Feeling Good and Doing Good. Children are encouraged to use their strengths to develop resilience, grit and success.

There are six elements to our Positive Education approach. Each element is taught explicitly to all children throughout the year, with whole school Positive Education Days, bringing together the school in a fun and enjoyable way.

Positive Education supports your child to be a growth minded, life-long learner.

"The interaction our students have with each other and with staff makes me smile. Their innocence in how they go about their day and the little things that make them laugh, smile, dance, sing and whatever they may do when you see them walking around the school."

Developing Personal Responsibility

Our school is a place where students are taught and supported to manage their own behaviour. This is carried out in the light of Gospel values. 

The focus is on building positive relationships based on respect, responsibility and restorative practice through reconciliation.

Our proactive approach to bullying and harassment

St Martin de Porres School is a place where every student has the right to be free from harassment and bullying.

We take a proactive approach to deal with bullying and harassment. Our policy details how the school deals with incidents that involve bullying and harassment. In light of our Gospel values it is important to restore the relationships between students as part of this work. In addition, building resilience in students is a powerful way to help them manage in situations and empower them to become strong advocates for themselves and others around them.


Gender and Equity

We recognise with the presence of God, our community is a place where learning and opportunities are not constrained by gender and equity.

Catholic Police Clearance

All staff, parents and caregivers who help at our school need to complete a Catholic Police Clearance and be registered as a volunteer. There is no extra cost to become a registered volunteer and once you have your police clearance (which can take some weeks to be processed and is valid for three years) you are able to accompany children on an excursion, help in the classroom, canteen or in any way have contact with the students. Catholic Police Clearance application forms are available from the front office.