Our Staff

St Martin de Porres School Staff

We have a committed team of staff, dedicated to the development of your child and our wider community.

Principal Craig Fosdike
Deputy Principal Rowan Thomas
Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission (APRIM) Ben Ryan
Leader of Learning Jess Ffrench-Ainslie (0.6FTE)
Leader of Learning Inclusive Education Rosetta Hamood
Leader of Learning Literacy Deanna Morrison (0.6FTE)
Leader of Learning Numeracy Judy Mackereth (0.4FTE)
Numeracy Intervention Anne Smith (0.4FTE)
Leader of Student Wellbeing Luke Buchanan
PA to Principal Lisa Mosca
Front Reception Administration Gabby Bates
Student Services / Front Reception TBA
Enrolment Registrar Kirsty Catalano
Finance Manager Gary Rice
Finance Administration Support Olivia Thomas
Maintenance Jason Boundy
Work Health Safety (WHS) Coordinator Karyn Kew
OSHC Director Pam Adams
Teacher - Reception Transition Program "Schoolies" (Term 2 and Term 4) Kathy Szepessy
Teacher - Reception - RDS Deanna Morrison (0.4FTE)
Teacher - Reception - RDS Alicia Dawson (0.6FTE)
Teacher - Reception - RKO Kristy Ogden
Teacher - Reception - RLP Lisa Pugliese
Teacher - Reception (Mid-Year Intake) TBA
Teacher - Year 1 - 1CE Claire Elmer
Teacher - Year 1 - 1CP Casey Platten
Teacher - Year 1 - 1JC Jennie Carlier
Teacher - Year 2 - 2JM Julia Maggs
Teacher - Year 2 - 2KH Katrina Hurley
Teacher - Year 2 - 2OB Rachel O'Brien (0.6FE)
Teacher - Year 2 - 2OB Sarah Burns (0.4FTE)
Teacher - Year 3 - 3CS Rhiannon Champion (0.6FTE)
Teacher - Year 3 - 3CS Anne Smith (0.4FTE)
Teacher - Year 3 - 3MM Amanda Murray (0.8FTE)
Teacher - Year 3 - 3MM Danae MacDonald
Teacher - Year 3 - 3RL Rocky Labbozzetta
Teacher - Year 4 - 4CU Christopher Uzzell
Teacher - Year 4 - 4MS Matthew Segat
Teacher - Year 4 - 4NP Nicole Perry
Teacher - Year 5 - 5AE Artiom Evans
Teacher - Year 5 - 5DE Daniella Ezis
Teacher - Year 5 - 5MS Madeline Stapley
Teacher - Year 6 - 6JR Joshua Rouse
Teacher - Year 6 - 6RH Rachael Howard-Jones
Italian (R-Y6) Rosa Valente
Performing Arts: Music/Drama (R-Y2) Tiffany McCallum
Physical Education (Y3-Y6) / Sports Coordinator Henry Spurling
Physical Education (R-Y2) / SchoolAerobics Dance Coach Zoe Spearman
Digital Technologies / Media Arts (Y3-Y6) Damon Adams
Visual Arts (R-Y2) Natasha Bullimore
Literacy Intervention Rosie Beal
Literacy Intervention / Library Coordinator Ingrid Garton
Classroom ESO Brad Harvey
Classroom ESO Gracie Lovelock
Classroom ESO / Sports Coach Graham Mitchell
Classroom ESO Heather North-Plenty
Classroom ESO Ineke Garton
Classroom ESO Jack Mittiga
Classroom ESO Jordan Trussell
Classroom ESO (Term 1 and Term 3) Kathy Szepessy
Classroom ESO / Playgroup Coordinator (Tues) Kym Paterson
Classroom ESO & Uniform Shop Leanne Gallagher
Classroom ESO Natalie Harding
Classroom ESO Ruth White
Classroom ESO / Library Support Sally Zollner
Classroom ESO Sophie Patton
Classroom ESO Tristan Sharrock
Canteen Coordinator Alison Brown
Canteen Support Lisa Pearson
Youth Ministry Hannah Smailes