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STEM Incursion with Cardijn College


Last Friday, the Reception children had a visit from some Year 12 students from Cardijn College. They ran some lessons that were STEM based activities. STEM is a learning area that focuses on scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical based thinking. These activities require team work, critical thinking and problem solving. We engaged in three different activities and had to solve problems using only certain materials.

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7 Building Blocks of Resilience


During Term 3, Year 2 students at St Martin de Porres School participated in an eight-lesson Resilience Program facilitated by Active Education. Each week we have looked forward to our lessons where we learnt about the 7 Building Blocks of Resilience.

Learning Intentions of the Program
• To encourage resilient creative thinkers who have the ability to build positive relationships and support networks.
• For students to develop skills and strategies to better manage emotions and build on their strengths so they are better equipped to face the challenges of today’s changing world.
• For students to meet challenges with confidence in themselves and their ability to succeed, even after setbacks.

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Numerical Acumen Challenge


This year, 5MP signed up to the Numerical Acumen Challenge, which is an online program that helps to build student's number facts. Once logging in, students were able to test their skills in all of the four operations as well as fractions. Whilst all students are to be commended for their efforts, three in particular, were recognised with certificates; James Jennings for Performance, Emily De Borsey for Dedication and Riley Middleton for Improvement. It was great to see all students engaged and motivated to improve their time and scores.
Mr Michael Paay, 5MP Classroom Teacher


Year 5 Camp


This year’s camp began at Douglas Scrub, McLaren Flat. The camp site and grounds provided a beautiful nature setting and it was great to witness the children outdoors and enjoying some much needed warmth from the Sun. The good weather continued to follow us to Victor the following day, with some fun activities for the day, before heading to Open Light, which hosted us for the second night. 

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A Father's Day Message from Father Michael Kyumu


A Father's Day Message from Father Michael Kyum

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Touch Football Carnival


On Wednesday, 2 September, Year Six students attended the SACPSSA Touch Football Carnival. 

Students played in teams of six, participating in six different games throughout the day. In PE lessons at school students have been developing Touch Football skills and tactics, allowing for a successful day of participation and lots of wins!

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Principal's Update


Dear Parents, some important new updates to share with the you all in my artice below:
My news update includes: Important Dates for Tem 3 and Term 4, Marion Council Survey, Pulse Check-In Student Survey and Building Update.

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HotShots Tennis Carnival


This year has caused many disruptions to our usual school calendar, so it was wonderful for all our Year 3 students to have the opportunity to participate in the HotShots Tennis Carnival on Thursday , 20 August.

It was so pleasing to see everyone participating fully in the day. It didn’t matter if the kids were experienced tennis players or not; I think it’s safe to say they all had a great time. The day could be typified by one girl, who was heard saying, “It didn’t matter what the score was. I never realised how much fun tennis could be!” The group’s collective attitude left a couple of Year 3 teachers very proud indeed.  

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Journey to Emmaus


On Wednesday, 19 August our Year 6 students enjoyed a day of Faith, Friends and Fun as part of the Journey to Emmaus retreat program.

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The Assumption of Mary


The Assumption of Mary is a special celebration in the life of the Catholic Church. On Friday 14 August the children participated in a Mass celebrating Mother Mary’s importance and her assumption into heaven.

We thank the students of 4RL who led us in this important celebration.

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