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SACPSSA Cricket Carnival


On Monday, 1 March the Year 5 and Year 6 students headed to Park 25 to compete in the SACPSSA Cricket Carnival. The Autumn weather really shone through making for a wonderful day for cricket. With grounds in immaculate conditions the students got a feel for what it would be like to play in a high-level competition.

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SAPSASA Swimming Championship


We would like to like to congratulate Niamh, Jasmine and Laura for making the squad for the Southern Valley District SAPSASA Swimming Metropolitan State Swimming Championship which will be held on Thursday. 25 March 2021.

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Celebrating Ash Wednesday


To mark the start of the season of LENT, our school was involved in two ways of celebrating Ash Wednesday.

In the lead up to Ash Wednesday, classes have discussed the symbolism of the ashes. Receiving ashes on our forehead reminds us to turn away from bad habits and turn towards kindness and love and the things that draw us closer to God.

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Welcome to School 2021


Dear Parents,

Welcome to everyone for the 2021 school year. What an exciting year we have ahead of us! A wonderful warm welcome to all our new families and to the children who are beginning their time here at St Martin de Porres.

First day of school is this Monday, 1 February 2021. Thankyou for your support with having three pupil free days this week. It has allowed us to make sure the learning spaces are all ready for learning.

Last night the Parent Information sessions were held and it was lovely to see the school back to life. The feedback on our new “Piazza” learning area was very positive. Come in and have a look next week. If you weren’t able to attend please contact your children’s teachers to start the year with your children with what you need to know.

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A Christmas Message...


Dear Parents

I am sincerely humbled as always to be the Principal of this fabulous school. The year has brought us plenty of new challenges and we have handled it all very well. Who can forget the cheerleading dance that made the news or the incredible Rubik’s Cube Robot! We even had some special guests like Mr Willy Wonka and Swandike appearing to help with our COVID practices and spin the Chocolate Wheel.

My thanks and distinguished recognition goes to my fabulous teachers and support staff, my Deputy Principal, Ben Catalano, my leader of our Catholic Identity, Ben Ryan and my outstanding admin staff Lisa, Gary, Gabby, Kirsty, Abbey and Karyn. I say this without a doubt, they are all the hardest working and most dedicated staff you can have. We are indeed a lucky community!

In my speech to the graduating students I said the following:
If you were to ask me “what is the most important aspect of my job?” I would say this:
"My work has always has a focus on how our school community can be successful. I work to ensure that as a community we recognise and celebrate being respectful, caring and future focussed human beings. That we are a school where learning is cherished and happens to all, where friendships are important and where our catholic traditions form us to be able to be a positive influence in the world. This Year we grew to 450 students and by March next year we will have completed our Master plan which is a $6millon capital development. Something for us all to be proud of."

St Martin de Porres Awards
At the End of Year Mass the students who were awarded the St Martin De Porres Award were Sophie Allen and Finn Rowland. This award is in recognition of a Year 6 student who has lived in the footsteps of St Martin de Porres throughout their time at St Martin de Porres School.

The Molly Byrne Award was awarded to Taylor Clarke.
Reason behind the Molly Byrne Award: Molly Byrne was a trailblazer for women's involvement in South Australian politics. Molly served in the State Parliament from her first election in 1965. Though few felt she had any chance of securing victory, she pursued her goal and set a new standard for hard work and perseverance. This year marks 125 years of women's suffrage in South Australia.

These three students have demonstrated all year the attributes of Leadership, Hard work, Compassion, Care, Friendship and Loyalty.

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony
On Tuesday night the Year 6 students had their Graduation ceremony at Sacred Heart College. All families and friends could attend. It was a terrific and beautiful night. The children spoke really well about their journey and their memories. Congratulations to Mr McEvoy and Miss Tilley for preparing the program and to the parents who provided a beautiful setting for the stage. My Principal’s speech is available here.
Academic Awards were presented to Abinav Murugappa, Joseph Saba, Chloe Rameh, Sophie Allen, Stefan Jaber, Adriel Manila and Makayla Richards.

Annual General Meeting - Please find attached this years Annual Report.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
God Bless
Craig Fosdike


Year 6 Graduation 2020


Our Graduating class had a Graduation Ceremony at Sacred Heart College on Tuesday night. On this night we also ackowledged three student awards.

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Sports Day


!! FRANCIS, FRANCIS read all about it !!

Amongst a year of restrictions and delays, St Martin de Porres headed down the hill to Bowker Street Oval to hold their Annual Family Fun Sports Day for 2020. Between bursts of rain, students, staff and parents had an amazing day celebrating in true St Martin's fashion with electric energy.

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ACHPER Awards Night


On Friday, 6 November Craig Fosdike invited some staff to attend the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER) Awards Night.

Congratulations to these staff members; Rocky Labbozzetta, Dani Ezis, Zoe Spearman, Josh Rouse and Erin Coppins for all receiving an award on the night. All staff received a Physical Education Educators Coaching Awards in recognition of their wonderful contribution to the St Martin de Porres After School Sports Program.

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Gold Medal for the 'SMDPS Jammers'


It's a Gold Medal for the 'SMDPS Jammers' in the State Championships of Schoolaerobics - congratulations!!!!

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Learning about a Growth Mindset in 1ZS


Yesterday as a whole school we celebrated National Pos Ed Day with all classes making this their focus. Students in 1ZS watched a clip about having a growth mindset, then brainstormed words that were about growth, and ones that were about a fixed mindset. We talked about why it’s ok to make mistakes, because that’s how you learn.

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